Welcome to Pardy Panda Studios.
We are a bunch of young and talented indie developers, and,
We're good at making mobile apps and games for
iOS and Android.

This is a very unique game with a brand new concept. Try out this new kind of gameplay where you switch from one dot to another with a tap. Be quick as you wouldn't get a second chance.


This is a very addictive tap tap game where a cute little Panda head hops walls while you avoid obstacles to reach a high score. Fast music, interesting graphics and challenging gameplay make this a must try.


Tap-Tap. Spin-Spin. Match-Match. From the makers of GFC (Global Football Challenge), comes their next addictive little pastimer - RotoMatch. Simply tap screen to rotate the circle and match the falling blocks with the colour on the circle.


A simple tap-tap football game intended for your pastime pleasure during those what-to-do 10 minutes of your day. It is a simple and addictive game in which you keep tapping on the ball to keep it from falling while collecting as many coins as you can. You will also encounter certain powers to either help you or hinder you from getting more coins.


Based on Breakout this game is an ode to the Indian monkey. Our tail is from the world of Kela. A land where banana is our food, our currency, even our god! The elders say that many a tail ago, an evil monkey Gogi tried to take over our realm, but was outcast by the exalted ones back then. Your quest is to find the lost bananas of Kela and restore the rightful balance of the Universe.


Just like Angry Birds, this is also a 30-level arcade game with catapults, tribes, jungles and angry amazon animals. Developed for a Indian client, it's a twist on the classic game with new characters, levels and powers.


Similar to Labyrinth, Free Maze Challenge was developed for a U.K. based client. This game was an accelerometer and gesture based game that involved rotating and revolving your phone to move the ball and make it travel the map to the goal. It also included a micro-betting platform that players could use to challenge their friends and win real money.

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Job Opportunities
(Email your latest CVs to careers@pardypanda.com)

1. Android Developer

(Experience level 0-3 years. Must have at least 1 app published on the Play Store)

2. iOS Developer

(Experience level 0-3 years. Must have at least 1 app published on the App Store)

3. PHP Developer

(Experience level 1-3 years. Must have experience with MVC frameworks and big data analytics & warehousing)

4. Unity3D Game Developer

(Experience level 1-2 years. Must have experience with Unity2D and Unity3D. Experience with Cocos2D/2Dx is a plus)

5. Mobile App/Game Graphics Designer

(Experience level 0-2 years. Must have created wireframes and graphics for at least one entire mobile app and/or game. Website design is a plus)

6. Digital Marketing Executive

(Experience level 1-3 years. Must have implemented a marketing strategy for at least one mobile product using web and mobile ad netowrks. SEO/SMO is a plus)

7. Internship

(Looking for interns in any of the above positions. Must be willing to learn new things and be ready to helpout on on-going projects)